Our mission is to uncover the innovation behind the cryptoeconomy

Hallar is used by companies and individuals to understand how cryptocurrencies & blockchain ecosystems and projects grow or decay.

Why Hallar?

We believe Web3 is the future of the way people interact with the digital world. Believing in this future is one thing, but finding the projects that drive the innovations needed to make this a reality can be a real struggle. Which project are actually valuable? Are the bold statements made on social media the truth? By making the information easily accessible and searchable in a human friendly way, Hallar aims to close the gap between the hype and ground truth of projects building on Web 3 technology.

Web3 knowledge is not accessible.

Price movement is often used as the primary indication to showcase the success of cryptocurrencies. While most blockchain enthusiasts understand that a project is a lot more than price action, none of the current platforms help users understand the real innovation behind web3. There is a clear need to help companies & individuals understand what is really happening behind the scenes of projects & ecosystems.

Our Values

Open Communication

We actively listen and share information openly to improve productivity & make better decisions as information flows freely with the company.


We accomplish our mission by taking 100% of the responsibility. Each initiative is welcomed via accountability & ownership.

Ask Questions

Each decision with the company was made by someone like you. Challenging that decision is immensely important for us.

Continuous Innovation

10% of our time is spent on experimentation to bolster the crazy ideas that deserve more attention.


We care a lot about reducing the complexity of our intern, external processes and most importantly: our customer experience.

Inspire Others

We help each other question the basics via talks, brownbags and creating a constant floor for inspiration.


The team behind Hallar is located in Mechelen, Belgium where we love to host meetups, workshops and inspire the local community on the inner workings of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

We use a hybrid approach for working at Hallar. We love to meetup for meetings, talks or workshops but value working from home to get the optimal work/life balance.

Come join us

Hallar is place where you can grow. Don't hesitate to apply for a job @ Hallar. We'd love to have a chat!

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