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Our young startup is searching for an enthusiastic back-end developer.

Hallar is an analytics platform that helps users discover and monitor the millions of activities generated by cryptocurrency & blockchain projects. Hallar integrates an enormous amount of data, coming directly from Twitter, Github and from large blockchain providers such as Algorand and Lisk. On top of our backend, Hallar uses NextJS to render our user interface. We heavily focus on providing a fast & intuitive interface for our customers with the help of server-side rendering. As a frontend developer, you will be responsible for building an intuitive user experience and serve that code to a massive amount of users.

Hallar’s platform runs on AWS cloud where we heavily use Serverless for our backend logic. Our code is written in Typescript, Python and uses a combination of MongoDB and DynamoDB to store the data. Every piece of code is governed on Github and deployed with Github Actions multiple times a day.

What to expect?

Hallar joined the Start It @KBC accelerator in October 2021 as a startup with high ambitions. Our team consists of driven people with a passion for technology that love to share their newest findings via our weekly cryptotalks, brown bag sessions, workshops about beer brewing and much more! We’ll help you grow at your own pace by balancing personal well-being and career goals that fits your needs.

The team is currently working remotely with 1 mandatory office day in Leuven, provided by Start It @KBC. We are planning to launch our official HQ in Mechelen near the train station in the coming months, which will enable us to grow the team and company even better. While working remotely will still be possible in the future, for important meetings, events, workshops and fun activities in general, we expect the whole team to be present at HQ.

Desired skills & experiences

  • Ideally 3+ years of web development experience
  • Effective communication with non-technical stakeholders
  • Deep understanding of HTML5, CSS3 and cross-browser compatibility
  • Strong knowledge of React
  • Know modern Javascript, such as ES6
  • You have a genuine interest in great UI/UX
  • Become part of the thought process in the team
  • A genuine interest in blockchain & open-source technologies

What do we offer

  • An innovative work environment with a startup atmosphere
  • Young dynamic team
  • Laptop
  • Regular team events and beers at the local pub
  • Personal growth plan
  • Optional vesting options
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